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Release Date: 9/13/2019
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Noted by Ben Ratliff of the New York Times as a saxophonist who is "... making the connections among about 70 years' worth of contemplative, articulate and light-toned players", Manhattan-based saxophonist and composer Alex LoRe is one of the most in demand alto saxophonists on the current New York City jazz scene. LoRe's compositions are influenced by a variety of genres, ranging from European classical music through today's most influential artists on both the jazz and popular music scenes. Originally from Tarpon Springs, Florida, LoRe regularly performs at New York City's most revered jazz venues such as Smalls Jazz Club, The Jazz Gallery, and Jazz Standard. Internationally, he has performed throughout the Netherlands, Australia, Israel, and Canada.

1. Skyward
Length: 06:41
2. Orachle (For Igor Stravinsky)
Length: 09:13
3. Vanishing Act (For Maddalena Casulana)
Length: 04:55
4. Miniature 1
Length: 02:25
5. Light (For J.S. Bach)
Length: 06:11
6. Casey Jones (For Charles Ives)
Length: 07:49
7. Karol (For Karol Szymanowski)
Length: 09:01
8. Color Wheel (For Alexander Scriabin)
Length: 06:05
9. Miniature 2
Length: 02:36
10. Eastman (For Julius Eastman)
Length: 04:49
11. Castaway (For Henry Cowell)
Length: 08:28
12. Miniature 3
Length: 02:24
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Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 70:37
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