Format: CD
Release Date: 8/28/2009
Album Personnel: Stephan Crump (Acoustic Upright Bass), Marcus Gilmore (Drums)
Label: ACT
Style(s): Post Bop
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Picture of HISTORICITY Historicity - Vijay Iyer Trio Source

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In the liner notes for this 2009 album, Vijay Iyer defines the word “historicity” as the concept of being placed in the stream of history – along with everything it may imply. It’s the idea of creation drawing from older sources. In a sense, the idea is quite literal, as more than half of the album consists of interpretations of revered composers’ material. “This project is very current for me,” Iyer says, “but in terms of content it’s also meditating on history a little bit. This is music that I’ve admired and cherished for a long time, but filtered through our language.”

1. Historicity
Length: 07:50
2. Somewhere
Length: 06:57
3. Galang (Trio Riot Version)
Length: 02:40
4. Helix
Length: 04:00
5. Smoke Stack
Length: 08:09
6. Big Brother
Length: 04:47
7. Dogon A.D.
Length: 09:18
8. Mystic Brew
Length: 04:56
9. Trident: 2010
Length: 09:09
10. Segment for Sentiment No. 2
Length: 04:03
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 61:49
UPC: 614427948922