Some Other Time: A Tribute to Leonard Bernstein

Format: CD
Release Date: 1/29/2016
Label: ACT
Style(s): Third Stream, Vocal
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Right in time for Nils Landgren's 60th birthday celebration the most elaborate project of his unparalleled carrer will be published. This album includes the music of musiclas like "West Side Story and a phenomenal line-up, among others his All-Star band, Bochumer Symphoniker and singer Janis Siegel of the legendary "The Manhatten Transfer". Together with conductor and arranger Vince Mendoza they build a memorial for a friend of Jazz and great composer of the 20th century, Leonard Bernstein.

1. Overture: America
Length: 00:42
2. Some Other Time
Length: 05:17
3. Cool
Length: 03:40
4. Maria
Length: 03:13
5. Somewhere
Length: 05:06
6. The Story of My Life
Length: 04:22
7. One Hand, One Heart
Length: 04:27
8. Something's Coming
Length: 03:54
9. Lonely Town
Length: 04:39
10. A Quiet Girl
Length: 07:09
11. Lucky to Be Me
Length: 04:22
12. A Simple Song
Length: 05:40
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Total Length: 52:31
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