Magic Spirit Quartet

Format: CD
Release Date: 2/7/2020
Album Personnel: Goran Kajfeš (Trumpet), Jesper Nordenström (Piano), Stefan Pasborg (Drums)
Label: ACT
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What puts the magic in multi-instrumentalist Majid Bekkas’ Magic Spirit Quartet is the trance-like power of Moroccan gnawa music. Originally developed to accompany night-long ecstatic ceremonies to call down spirits, the music possesses a rhythmic depth and emotional resonance analogous to Santería music in Cuba. But where the Cuban tradition is built on the power of drums, gnawa centers on the droning drive of stringed instruments, particularly the oud and the bass-like guembri. Bekkas, who was born and raised in Salé, Morocco, plays both, but it’s the guembri that matters most here. It’s the guembri’s twangy, restlessly propulsive bass line that dominates “Bania,” not only working in counterpoint against Bekkas’ vocal and Goran Kajfeš’ electric trumpet, but setting up an interesting friction with trap drummer Stefan Pasborg, whose playing keeps the stress on “one,” while Bekkas’ line emphasizes “two." - DownBeat Magazine


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1. Aicha (Traditional)
Length: 12:29
2. Hassania (Majid Bekkas)
Length: 07:40
3. Bania (Traditional)
Length: 06:47
4. Chahia Taiba (Majid Bekkas)
Length: 07:37
5. Mrhaba (Traditional)
Length: 10:07
6. Annabi (Traditional)
Length: 05:39
7. MSQ (Majid Bekkas, Goran Kajfeš, Jesper Nordenström & Stefan Pasborg)
Length: 04:58
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 55:17
UPC: 614427989628