Gulf Coast Blues & Impressions 2 - A Louisiana Wetlands Benefit

Format: CD
Release Date: 1/8/2021
Label: Valley
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Grammy® Award winning Pianist and multi-platinum selling recording artist George Winston to release his latest solo piano album, Gulf Coast Blues & Impressions 2 - A Louisiana Wetlands Benefit. Integrating his musical passions with those that have greatly influenced him, including various New Orleans piano, jazz, R&B and rock styles, Winston conveys a sense of life through his music, with a sensibility of the seasons and topographies of Mother Earth.

1. New Orleans Shall Rise Again #7 (Are the Levees Shored Up in America?)
Length: 04:51
2. Pixie #6 in E Minor (Gobajie)
Length: 03:28
3. Kindred Spirit
Length: 03:48
4. Elements
Length: 06:14
5. Fanning the Flames
Length: 06:03
6. The Gulf Will Live Again #1
Length: 03:58
7. Georgianna
Length: 06:44
8. The Cries of the Wetlands 1
Length: 03:23
9. The Cries of the Wetlands 2
Length: 03:47
10. New Orleans Slow Dance
Length: 03:49
11. An African in the Americas
Length: 10:07
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 56:12
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