A Boogie Woogie State of Mind

Format: CD
Release Date: 2/19/2021
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A Boogie Woogie State of Mind is Caroline’s fourth CD. It’s Boogie Woogie All Stirred Up! with some traditional-style solo piano, some Blues, Swing, Rock & Jazz grooves, and some beautiful Caroline medleys. She’s joined by premier San Francisco Bay Area musicians: Jeff Ervin on tenor & alto saxes, Joe Kyle, Jr. on acoustic bass, Bowen Brown & Kevin Hayes on drums, and Steve Parks on electric bass and adding beautifully strong vocals on three songs. Six of the album’s 12 tracks are Caroline originals, two are her arranged medleys of some standards, and the other four are covers of oldies but goodies. If you like your Boogie Woogie piano All Stirred Up! in American Roots grooves, you’ll love A Boogie Woogie State of Mind.

1. Call to Boogie
Length: 03:44
2. Boogie Woogie Country Girl
Length: 04:06
3. River City Boogie Woogie
Length: 03:29
4. Bellingham Boogie
Length: 03:07
5. There Is Something on Your Mind
Length: 04:22
6. King Cobra Club
Length: 04:23
7. Cow Cow Blues
Length: 03:16
8. When You're Smiling / Sheik of Araby
Length: 03:57
9. Red Beans
Length: 04:01
10. Payday
Length: 03:47
11. Devil Digits Boogie Woogie
Length: 03:52
12. Theme from Die Moldau / Moscow Nights Boogie
Length: 03:54
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 45:58
UPC: 618528707334