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Release Date: 8/28/2020
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For Django-shift Rez Abbasi chose seven of Django Reinhardt's original pieces and two classic tunes that he was greatly associated with. The arrangements were soon created for a contemporary trio format, with Neil Alexander on organ and electronics and Michael Sarin on drums. The results give a fascinating and original insight into an often-overlooked attribute of Django's genius, his compositions. Rez Abbasi has established an enviable reputation over the course of his fourteen album releases as leader: not simply as one of the finest guitarists of his generation, but also as a musical alchemist with the ability to parlay his continent-crossing range of influences into consistently fresh and innovative compositions and reframings of the tradition. His deep musicality has been applied with equal conviction to contemporary New York acoustic jazz, the Qawwali and Indian Classical traditions of South Asia and the heady fusion sounds of the 1970s.

1. Diminishing
Length: 05:07
2. Swing 42
Length: 05:32
3. Heavy Artillery
Length: 05:26
4. Django's Castle
Length: 06:03
5. Anniversary Song
Length: 07:20
6. Cavalerie
Length: 06:51
7. Douce Ambiance
Length: 04:13
8. Hungaria
Length: 04:04
9. September Song
Length: 03:56
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Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 48:32
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