There's a Sweet, Sweet Spirit

Format: CD
Release Date: 7/14/2017
Album Personnel: Buster Williams (Acoustic Upright Bass), Lenny White (Drums), Steve Nelson (Vibraphone)
Label: Highnote
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Encounter an imaginative setlist on the trio's sophomore Highnote label release headlined by veteran pianist Cyrus Chestnut, together with his long-time friends Buster Williams on bass and Lenny White on drums. Cyrus has a style clearly his own, one steeped in the gospel church traditions of his native Baltimore, but also enlivened by an open ear aimed at a multitude of other influences.

1. The Little One of All
Length: 04:20
2. Chopin Prelude
Length: 06:53
3. Nardis
Length: 07:33
4. Little B's Poem
Length: 04:50
5. Christina
Length: 04:51
6. CDC
Length: 06:23
7. You Make Me Feel Brand New
Length: 06:07
8. Easy Living
Length: 08:32
9. Rhythm-A-Ning
Length: 04:51
10. There's a Sweet, Sweet, Spirit
Length: 05:36
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 59:56
UPC: 632375730420