Jeremy Pelt the Artist

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Release Date: 2/8/2019
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Jeremy Pelt has become one of the preeminent young trumpeters within the world of jazz. Forging a bond with the Mingus Big Band very early on, as his career progressed, Pelt built upon these relationships and many others which eventually lead to collaborations with some of the genre's greatest masters. Pelt's recordings and performances have earned him critical acclaim, both nationally and internationally. He has been featured in the Wall Street Journal by legendary jazz writer and producer, Nat Hentoff, and was voted Rising Star on the trumpet, five years in a row by Downbeat Magazine and the Jazz Journalist Association.

1. The Rodin Suite, Pt. 1: L'Appel aux armes
Length: 06:53
2. The Rodin Suite, Pt. 2: Dignity and Despair (Burghers of Calais)
Length: 01:59
3. The Rodin Suite, Pt. 3: I sol tace (Gates of Hell)
Length: 05:59
4. The Rodin Suite, Pt. 4: Camille Claudel (L'Éternel printemps)
Length: 02:33
5. The Rodin Suite, Pt. 5: Epilogue
Length: 04:46
6. Ceramic
Length: 03:41
7. Feito
Length: 06:53
8. Watercolors
Length: 05:57
9. As of Now
Length: 06:53
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 45:34
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