The Art of Intimacy, Vol. 1

Format: CD
Release Date: 1/24/2020
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Jeremy Pelt's unquenchable curiosity has made him one of the most multi-faceted of jazz artists. Whether it be as a leader, a sideman, an accompanist or a composer, Pelt has investigated nearly every aspect and genre in jazz - from electric to eclectic, Be-Bop to Free-Bop. Here Pelt joins forces with the legendary George Cables on piano and Peter Washington laying down the bass lines. All but one tune on the setlist are slow-ish numbers but this is not your father's ballad record. Each member of the trio is able to pour some old wine into new bottles, aware of and perhaps shaped by the past but operating very much in the moment. Together with Cables' lush voicings and solid tone and Washinton's always-inspired bass lines and solos, Pelt's new recording sets a high bar for all trio recordings that follow in the remainder of 2020.

1. Love Is Simple
Length: 05:54
2. Little Girl Blue
Length: 07:17
3. Always on My Mind
Length: 06:02
4. I've Just Seen Her
Length: 04:01
5. Then I'll Be Tired of You
Length: 04:36
6. Ebony Moonbeams
Length: 06:48
7. While You Are Gone
Length: 05:52
8. Ab-o-lutely
Length: 08:02
9. I'll Never Stop Loving You
Length: 03:47
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 52:19
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