Waves of Calm

Format: CD
Release Date: 3/8/2019
Album Personnel: Jeremy Pelt (Trumpet), Orrin Evans (Piano), Nat Reeves (Acoustic Upright Bass), Jonathan Barber (Drums)
Label: Savant
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If you trace the path of alto saxophonist Jim Snidero's varied output for Savant, you'll note transitions with regard to instrumentation and personnel: from organ combo to quartets with guitar or piano, to the animated quintet music of tributes to Miles (MD66) and Cannonball Adderley (Jubilation!). With Waves of Calm, the veteran altoist enters a period of zeroing in on the essentials. As the saxophonist himself says, "I find myself editing more and more. I've been playing saxophone for a long time, and could easily play a lot more notes...[but now] you're just looking for the right note at the right moment, searching for that one perfect thing." With trumpeter Jeremy Pelt on half the tracks, piano phenom Orrin Evans at the Steinway & the Rhodes and Nat Reeves and Jonathan Barber completing the rhythm section, it would Jim Snidero has indeed found that"perfect thing."

1. Waves of Calm
Length: 03:29
2. Truth (feat. Jeremy Pelt)
Length: 08:54
3. Old Folks
Length: 06:13
4. Visions (feat. Jeremy Pelt)
Length: 06:55
5. I Fall in Love Too Easily
Length: 05:23
6. Dad Song (feat. Jeremy Pelt)
Length: 06:33
7. If I Had You
Length: 06:28
8. Estuary (feat. Jeremy Pelt)
Length: 05:40
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 49:35
UPC: 633842217628