Invisible Ritual

Format: CD
Release Date: 1/24/2020
Label: Tundra
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Violin’s been used in jazz and its adjacent musics since the genre’s inception. But in 2019, a couple of string-centric releases featuring Jenny Scheinman, as well as Wonderment—a collective recording by fiddler Zach Brock, bassist Matt Ulery and drummer Jon Deitemyer—displayed vibrant contemporary contexts for the instrument, settings that point toward the violin’s continued vitality in jazz. Violinist Jen Curtis and drummer Tyshawn Sorey lean heavily toward the experimental on Invisible Ritual, with Sorey switching to piano during a few choice moments. - DownBeat Magazine


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1. Invisible Ritual: I
Length: 05:12
2. Invisible Ritual: II
Length: 08:27
3. Invisible Ritual: III
Length: 12:44
4. Invisible Ritual: IV
Length: 12:39
5. Invisible Ritual: V
Length: 10:44
6. Invisible Ritual: VI
Length: 10:23
7. Invisible Ritual: VII
8. Invisible Ritual: VIII
Length: 11:07
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 71:16
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