Format: CD
Release Date: 7/6/2018
Style(s): Vocal, Latin
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Picture of NEOTROPICAL NeoTropical - Susana Pineda & the New Quartet Source

A fresh and unique album exploring the musical interaction and intermixture of the city and the nature, the modern and the traditional, the North and South America, in order to create a new, colorful and exciting sound. Featuring special guests Colombian pianist, Juancho Valencia on clavinet, traditional Colombian percussionist, Kiko Cabana and American trumpeter, Erik Jekabson.

1. African Women
Length: 04:08
2. Never Too Old for a Lullaby
Length: 04:14
3. Neotropical
Length: 04:05
4. The Andes
Length: 04:43
5. How High the Moon
Length: 03:57
6. 129
Length: 05:09
7. The Poison
Length: 04:16
8. The Cure
Length: 04:16
9. El Sueño De Nica
Length: 05:54
10. Tesoro Amazonico
Length: 04:13
11. The Words
Length: 03:35
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 48:30
UPC: 666449004629