The Long Game [2 Vinyls]

Format: Vinyl
Release Date: 2/26/2021
Label: Ruby Star
Style(s): Vocal
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The first ever vinyl release from Jacqui Naylor. The Long Game is the 11th album from celebrated vocalist and songwriter, Jacqui Naylor. Known for her ability to seamlessly weave genres and styles from different eras, this artist creates a meaningful collection of love songs, replete with R&B inspired original compositions, Latin imbued jazz standards and sensitively crafted rock anthems. The muscianship and camaraderie of Naylor and long-time bandmates shine brightly throughout this thoughtfully produced album.

1. Like Someone in Love
Length: 03:03
2. Give Me One More Chance
Length: 03:50
3. Fix You
Length: 05:25
4. I'll Be Loving You
Length: 03:20
5. Love Look What You've Done
Length: 03:29
6. Walkin' Out the Door
Length: 04:18
7. Smile
Length: 04:35
8. The Thrill Is Gone
Length: 05:47
9. Space Oddity
Length: 04:19
10. The Long Game
Length: 04:55
11. Don't Give Up
Length: 05:43
12. Speak Low
Length: 03:32
13. It's the Right Time
Length: 03:17
14. All My Life
Length: 03:34
Album Details
Disc Count: 2
Total Length: 59:07
UPC: 667811854613