Do Your Dance!

Format: CD
Release Date: 7/8/2016
Album Personnel: Rudy Bird (Percussion), Vernell Brown Jr. (Piano), Ronald Bruner Jr. (Drums), Corcoran Holt (Acoustic Upright Bass)
Label: Mack Avenue
Style(s): Post Bop
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On Kenny Garrett's fourth Mack Avenue release the Detroit-born saxophonist dives headlong into a set of original songs that exploit dance rhythms in subtle, unexpected ways. There is a lively, organic ensemble sound here that lends itself to group interplay even during solos. Everybody sounds alert and focused with all ears on Garrett. Ultimately, with Do Your Dance! Garrett has crafted an album that will get your blood flowing to your brain and your feet. - All Music Guide

1. Philly
Length: 08:06
2. Backyard Groove
Length: 06:56
3. Wheatgrass Shot (Straight to the Head)
Length: 04:43
4. Bossa
Length: 06:22
5. Do Your Dance!
Length: 04:57
6. Calypso Chant
Length: 04:37
7. Waltz (3 Sisters)
Length: 07:23
8. Persian Steps
Length: 08:08
9. Chasing the Wind
Length: 05:30
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 56:42
UPC: 673203109827