Un Día Cualquiera

Format: CD
Release Date: 6/15/2018
Label: Mack Avenue
Style(s): Post Bop, Latin
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Picture of UN DIA CUALQUIERA Conga Total / El Cumbanchero - Harold López-Nussa Source

Fans of Cuban pianist Harold López-Nussa's 2016 disc, El Viaje (Mack Avenue), certainly should check out his new album on the same label: Un Día Cualquiera. The title of the previous disc translates to The Journey, and on this new outing, his artistic evolution continues - but in a trio setting. He recorded the album at Boston's WGBH Studios with his younger brother Ruy Adrian Harold López-Nussa (drums, percussion) and Gaston Joya (bass). The album's title translates to Just Another Day, and in press materials, Harold explains the title's significance: "The idea is to put the music and the trio together in a studio and just play, the way we three do every day, any day-like a concert in the living room of your house." - DownBeat Magazine Editors' Pick


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1. Cimarrón
Length: 03:51
2. Danza de los Ñañigos
Length: 04:29
3. Una Tarde Cualquiera en Paris (To Bebo Valdes)
Length: 04:48
4. Preludio (To José Juan)
Length: 03:28
5. Elegua
Length: 05:06
6. Hialeah
Length: 03:32
7. Ma petite dans la boulangerie
Length: 03:56
8. Y la Negra Bailaba
Length: 04:01
9. Congo Total / El Cumbanchero
Length: 03:39
10. Contigo en la Distancia
Length: 05:47
11. Mi Son Cerra'o
Length: 04:47
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 47:24
UPC: 673203113527