Night Music

Format: CD
Release Date: 9/9/2016
Style(s): Post Bop
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Last we heard from tasty Serbian-born guitar player Rale Micic he had recorded the sweet trio disc "3". The work vaulted him to prominence, and he enjoyed enthusiastic followers at prestigious gigs. On his fourth disc as bandleader, Rale looks closer to home for his inspiration. The sublime new Night Music is a reimagining of the work of Hungarian composer Bela Bartok. Helped in his vision mission by Jonathan Balek and his adrenalized drum'n'bass pulse, Corcoran Holt's heavy groove on upright bass, and Danny Grissett's Fender Rhodes, all of which provide an evocative and colorful bed for Micic's flowing single note lines and double-time flurries.

1. Hotel Insomnia
Length: 07:35
2. Jano
Length: 05:55
3. Melody in a Mist
Length: 01:24
4. Late Call
Length: 04:58
5. Blue
Length: 04:41
6. Nocturne
Length: 01:38
7. Night Music
Length: 07:18
8. Nocturne (Reprise)
Length: 01:35
9. Afterparty
Length: 04:19
10. Sunrise
Length: 09:19
11. Color of the Sun
Length: 05:39
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 54:21
UPC: 687606008625