Weather or Not

Format: CD
Release Date: 2/24/2017
Style(s): Fusion
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It is unique and kind of madcap, the sign of a fertile artist plowing through all the ideas swirling around his brain. “Instead of creating one musical concept, I wanted it to sound like 16 trios, so that’s why the music was so eclectic.” Gerry Gibbs is the artist, and his new, two-disc set - one disc devoted to the blazing Weather Report, the second to his own diverse material - leads listeners through a fun house of styles. Disc One is devoted to Weather Report tribute, but it’s not nearly the lukewarm cover collection by aspiring fusioneers you might expect. (Because, perhaps, they might beat Zawinul and company at their own game) Instead, Gibbs opts to re-imagine the material from the POV of an acoustic piano-led trio, the featured instrument played by luminous new talent Alex Collins, with brilliant Austrian-born Hans Glawischnig on bass. The sparks sure do fly on familiar melodies: “Palladium,” “Teen Town,” “Birdland,” naturally, and “Black Market.” There’s lots to dig into here, and you certainly don’t have to be a Weather Report fan to dig it. Disc Two features Gibbs cranking up the creative juices on a set of originals, traversing from flamenco to pulse-quickening funk, calypso, gospel Latin jazz, R&B and plenty of all-out swing. While Gibbs has tackled myriad projects in the past, from 2006‘s Thrasher Big Band project Live at Luna’s to 2010‘s The Electric Thrasher Orchestra Plays The Music of Miles Davis (’67-’75) and 2013‘s Grammy-nominated Thrasher Dream Trio, his 11th release as a bandleader, is his most audacious and fully-realized project to date, an early crowning achievement from a restless spirit and a triumphant, indefatigable artist.

1. Teen Town
Length: 04:01
2. Palladium
Length: 04:08
3. Mr. Gone
Length: 05:42
4. Young and Fine
Length: 04:00
5. A Remark You Made
Length: 05:32
6. Black Market
Length: 04:57
7. Sightseeing
Length: 05:35
8. Punk Jazz
Length: 05:07
9. Scarlett Woman / Boogie Woogie Waltz
Length: 03:38
10. Elegant People
Length: 03:56
11. Birdland
Length: 06:36
12. Directions
Length: 05:06
13. Maestro Ron
Length: 00:44
14. Just Glad to Be Anywhere
Length: 04:45
15. Kojak
Length: 03:59
16. Road Trip
Length: 04:31
17. Joaquin and Pinky
Length: 01:07
18. We Are So Free
Length: 04:28
19. The 70s Song (AKA Patrice Rushen)
Length: 05:45
20. Only in Dreams
Length: 04:07
21. Paul and Sid's Blues
Length: 03:21
22. I'm Simply Waiting
Length: 04:59
23. When I Close My Eyes, Pt. 1
Length: 06:31
24. St. Marteen
Length: 00:29
25. The Caribbean Song
Length: 05:48
26. Her Last Words (R.I.P.)
Length: 04:27
27. It's a Good Day
Length: 03:59
28. When I Close My Eyes, Pt. 2
Length: 02:50
Album Details
Disc Count: 2
Total Length: 120:08
UPC: 687606009127