Forever Young

Format: CD
Release Date: 6/23/2017
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A spare, beautifully played instrumental guitar recording for the ages. For years, Reggie Young has been known as one of the premier guitarist’s guitarist in Nashville, a town that knows a few things about the instrument. Spare, direct and beautiful, the music on this disc, all instrumental, features a true modern master of his instrument. With a career that began in the early 60’s (we was the guitarist in the original Bill Black Combo, who opened for the Beatles in Candlestick Park in 1964), he is esteemed in Music City as a senior master beyond compare. His list of session appearances defies belief – Elvis Presley “Suspicious Minds” , The Highwaymen (w/ Johnny Cash, Waylon and Willie). Billie Jo Royal, The Boxtops, Dusty Springfield’s classic “Dusty In Memphis”, B. J. Thomas, and on and on. Reggie retired outside of Nashville a few years ago but decided to record one more session, this one under his own name. A little known, under appreciated musical legend of our time. It’s a disc that doesn’t’ quite fit into any easy category…a little country, a little pop, all instrumental, all legend.

1. Coming Home to Leipers Fork
Length: 04:37
2. Memphis Grease
Length: 06:49
3. Soul Love
Length: 04:24
4. Seagrove Place
Length: 06:57
5. It's About Time
Length: 06:22
6. Exit 209
Length: 04:58
7. Jennifer
Length: 05:24
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 39:31
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