The Bug

Format: CD
Release Date: 7/28/2017
Style(s): Fusion
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Picture of THE BUG The Bug - Miles Donahue Source

A prominent jazz critic has called versatile horn savant Miles Donahue “a jazz treasure and a best-kept secret, equally adept on trumpet and saxophones and a composer of grace and originality.” Once you hear Donahue’s work, you won’t disagree with that assessment. He is a world-class player, and an adept arranger, author and educator. His new album, curiously titled The Bug, is an eclectic, glorious celebration of different jazz vernacular, from meticulously arranged funky fusion complete with searing electric guitar, to more traditional, but still exciting jazz settings, from Weather Report and Miles to Mingus and Monk. Through each track, Donahue leads the way, with different instrumentation, lending the album a nice variety, and a spectrum of harmonic sophistication, melody and intimate expression. He is a masterful musician and the genuine article. While intermittency may have prevented him from finding his way into your ears up until now, jazz fans far and wide can and should now rejoice the re-emergence of a classic talent.

1. Bill
Length: 05:02
2. The Bug
Length: 06:37
3. All Grown Up
Length: 06:35
4. Hawthorne Hideaway
Length: 05:12
5. Leaving Home
Length: 09:15
6. Swamp House
Length: 09:15
7. Clifford
Length: 05:13
8. Innocent Bystander
Length: 07:51
9. In Three
Length: 08:28
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 63:28
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