That Old Feeling

Format: CD
Release Date: 8/25/2017
Album Personnel: Rale Mićić (Electric Guitar), Corcoran Holt (Acoustic Upright Bass), Johnathan Blake (Drums)
Style(s): Vocal
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Alma Micic Quartet serves up a delightful take on timeless standards, embellished by an original, and a version of the Romany anthem ''Solnishko'', with visions of a dreamy night, both sentimental and hopeful. Songs inspired by dancing in the moonlight, til the sunrise comes, Alma's new album That Old Feeling will leave you with a sweet feeling.

1. That Old Feeling
Length: 03:47
2. Harvest Moon
Length: 04:09
3. Moonglow
Length: 03:13
4. Cry Me a River
Length: 04:32
5. Honeysuckle Rose
Length: 04:24
6. Ne Zaboravi Me
Length: 02:35
7. Estate
Length: 02:35
8. Blue Moon
Length: 03:56
9. Solnishko
Length: 04:45
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 33:56
UPC: 687606009929