Kind of New [Vinyl]

Format: Vinyl
Release Date: 2/12/2016
Style(s): Fusion
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This album is a group effort between Jason Miles, producer and keyboardist, and Ingrid Jenson, a trumpet master.; “Kind Of New” was inspired by Miles Davis’ Cellar Door sessions. The album creates a new environment by mixing acoustic and electric percussion with electric grooves, and electronic percussion with traditional drums.; This album, containing nine tracks, includes guest performers such as Jay Rodriguez, James Genus, Jeff Coffin, Adam Dorn, Amanda Ruzza, Steve Wolf, Jon Wikan, Nir Felder, Cyro Baptista, Mike Clark, and Jerry Brooks.

1. Interlude
Length: 00:08
2. The Faction of Cool
Length: 06:31
3. Super City
Length: 05:37
4. Shirley
Length: 05:03
5. Film Noir Interlude
Length: 00:51
6. Ferrari
Length: 08:30
7. Seeing Through the Rain
Length: 05:34
8. Close to the Action
Length: 04:08
9. Kat's Eye
Length: 03:05
10. Street Vibe
Length: 08:06
11. Twilight Interlude
Length: 00:50
12. Sanctuary
Length: 05:16
13. Jean Pierre
Length: 09:09
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 62:48
UPC: 687606097322