Tropical Thunderstorm

Format: CD
Release Date: 2/12/2021
Label: Isotopia
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With the release of her debut solo album Falling Into Now (#8 on the Guardian UK's top 10 of 2015) on her label Isotopia Records, Constance Hauman established herself as an acclaimed songwriter, pianist and singer outside of her established classical career. Along with her co producing partner and drummer Ross Pederson, Isotopia has released their critically acclaimed High Tides in 2019 and in 2020 The Quarantine Trilogy. Tropical Thunderstorm is a perfect balance between the lyric songwriting on High Tides, the jazz pieces on The Quarantine Trilogies and the latest discovery on Tropical Thunderstorm of her flying solo on 3 piano pieces. Her vocals take on a clear jazz direction in Tropical Thunderstorm. Bassist Julia Adamy joins on the title track and on an Earth Kitt reminiscent track called Swag, combined with Peterson's virtuosity on drums, Hauman's fresh vocals and cleverly placed lyrics, this album makes an exciting footprint in the neo jazz world.

1. Taking Some Steps Ahead
2. The Howling
3. Tropical Thunderstorm
4. I Didn't Go to Ben Platt
5. Swag
6. Boy I Haven't Done That in Awhile
7. Away
8. Something's in the Hallway
9. It's True
10. Edge of the Sky
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Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 00:00
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