Format: CD
Release Date: 3/15/2019
Label: Effendi
Style(s): Latin
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Rafael Zaldivar writes of his new album, Consecration: "This album was born with my Consecration into the Afro-Cuban Orula's Hand. The Orula's Hand is an immersion into the spiritual, physical, and cognitive process of the creation's eternal thought through the knowledge of energy and it's manifestation as matter. This Consecration illuminates my life path according to the personal goals that I have come to realize in the now. " Cuban pianist, composer, artistic director, and educator: Dr. Rafael Zaldivar's exceptional contributions to jazz have been acclaimed by the JazzTime and Downbeat jazz magazines. Born in Cuba, Zaldivar obtained a B. A. from Montreal University and a M. A. plus a D. Mus. From McGill University. The pianist has worked with jazz icons such as Barry Harris, Kenny Barron, and Herbie Hancock and he has performed with jazz luminaries as Steve Coleman, Greg Osby, Roy Hargrove, Terri Lyne Carrington, Francisco Mela, Nate Smith, Ari Hoenig, and Dan Weiss. The bandleader has participated in many international jazz festivals, including the Jazz Festival, Rochester (New York); the Jazz Festival of Queretaro (Mexico); and the Festival Jazz North Sea (Holland). The composer has received distinguished Canadian Awards as Opus, Grand Prix Musical Archambault, and CBC prizes. His sophomore album, Drawing, was nominated for ADISQ and JUNO Awards as "Best Contemporary Jazz Album of the Year" featuring saxophonist Greg Osby as special guest.

1. A Rock con Leche
Length: 06:20
2. Arara
Length: 06:02
3. Manifested Creation
Length: 01:31
4. Rezos
Length: 02:31
5. Afro-Cuban Warriors
Length: 04:58
6. When I Think of You
Length: 05:27
7. Obatala
Length: 07:01
8. Eternel Creation
Length: 02:40
9. Congo
Length: 02:57
10. Simple Talking
Length: 04:51
11. Unforgettable
Length: 05:06
12. Te Récordaré
Length: 05:30
13. Aché (Through the Consecration)
Length: 01:06
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 56:00
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