Format: CD
Release Date: 5/17/2019
Label: Effendi
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Wonderland is a place of endless possibilities. A place where things can be different. A place reminding us every day that there is something larger than ourselves, larger than art, larger than life and death. It is a place where all things meet and keep growing infinitely. This is the second album of the Gentiane Mg Trio. Gentiane Mg (Michaud-Gagnon) is a young pianist who has been active on the Montreal jazz scene for several years. She has performed alongside numerous renowned Canadian jazz musicians such as Jim Doxas, Adrian Vedady, Yannick Rieu, Dave Laing and John Hollenbeck and has recently been awarded "Révélation Radio-Canada 2018 - 2019."

1. Opening: Forgiveness
Length: 00:57
2. Erased Self
Length: 05:47
3. Blue - Noir - Sol
Length: 04:48
4. Road to Nowhere
Length: 05:02
5. Empty Canvas
Length: 04:59
6. Heavy Weight
Length: 04:28
7. Wonderland, Pt. 1 (Comeback)
Length: 04:33
8. Wonderland, Pt. 2 (Shadows)
Length: 03:20
9. Wonderland, Pt. 3 (Unbearable)
Length: 05:07
10. Interlude (Sanctuary)
Length: 01:49
11. L'Heure du Thé
Length: 04:42
12. Fool's Gold
Length: 05:02
13. Repentance
Length: 05:11
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 55:45
UPC: 690579015422