In a Silent Way

Format: CD
Release Date: 8/20/2002
Album Personnel: Wayne Shorter (Soprano Saxophone), John McLaughlin (Electric Guitar), Chick Corea (Keyboards), Herbie Hancock (Keyboards), Joe Zawinul (Keyboards), Dave Holland (Acoustic Upright Bass), Tony Williams (Drums)
Label: Sony
Style(s): Fusion
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In a Silent Way is a studio album by American jazz musician Miles Davis, released July 30, 1969 on Columbia Records. Produced by Teo Macero, the album was recorded in one session date on February 18, 1969 at CBS 30th Street Studio in New York City. Incorporating elements of classical sonata form, Macero edited and arranged Davis's recordings from the session to produce the album. Marking the beginning of his "electric" period, In a Silent Way has been regarded by music writers as Davis's first fusion recording, following a stylistic shift toward the genre in his previous records and live performances.


Upon its release, the album was met by controversy among music critics, particularly those of jazz and rock music, who were divided in their reaction to its experimental musical structure and Davis's electronic approach. Since its initial reception, it has been regarded by fans and critics as one of Davis's greatest and most influential works. In 2001, Columbia Legacy and Sony Music released the three-disc box set The Complete In a Silent Way Sessions, which includes the original album, additional tracks, and the unedited recordings used to produce In a Silent Way.[4]


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1. Shhh / Peaceful
Length: 18:19
2. In a Silent Way / It's About That Time
Length: 20:00
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 38:19
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