Malkhut: Book Beri'ah Vol. 10

Format: CD
Release Date: 10/18/2019
Label: Tzadik
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Around since the mid-1990s, Secret Chiefs 3 is one of the most popular instrumental ensembles working today, with a devoted cult following and a constantly changing lineup of stellar musicians. Featuring one of the best groupings they have ever had, in Malkhut they turn their hand to twelve tunes from Zorn's Book Beri'ah. Years in the making, SC3 mastermind Trey Spruance considers this to be one of his most ambitious and involved CDs to date. Even better than their Masada Book of Angels release Xaphan, Malkhut is filled with spiritual depth, meticulous detail and a amazing creativity. This is music that is essential to everyone interested in the Masada legacy' instrumental music from the outer realms!

1. Sitra Achra
2. Chitzonuyut
3. Shadim
4. Netzokim
5. Yenikah
6. Netzach
7. Sapar
8. Mishkan
9. Makif
10. Atzmut
11. Ayin
12. Shemot
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Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 00:00
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