Pellucidar: A Dreamers Fantabula [Vinyl]

Format: Vinyl
Release Date: 5/17/2019
Label: Tzadik
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A beautiful vinyl pressing of Zorns most delightful and popular instrumental unit The Dreamers performing nine compositions inspired by the imaginary worlds of fantasy literature. Featuring some of Zorns catchiest hooks and plenty of fiery solos from Ribot, Saft and Wollesen, Pellucidar blends soul, surf, jazz, minimalism, rumba, tango, samba, exotica and more in classic Dreamers style. Bathed in a fabulous gatefold jacket filled with colorful original art by Tzadiks exclusive designer Chippy, this long-awaited vinyl version of this modern exotica classic was lovingly remastered and is pressed on virgin vinyl.

1. Magic Carpet Ride
Length: 07:35
2. Gormenghast
Length: 08:28
3. Queen of Ilium
Length: 05:18
4. Once Upon a Time
Length: 05:13
5. Fight from Salem
Length: 04:19
6. Pellucidar
Length: 03:34
7. Atlantis
Length: 04:59
8. A Perfume from Cleopolis
Length: 06:09
9. Jewels of Opar
Length: 06:10
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 51:45
UPC: 702397600619