Djangology: Solo and Duet Recordings

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Release Date: 7/26/2019
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In 1949, Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli reunited for a brief tour of Italy. While they were there they recorded about 50 tunes with an Italian rhythm section, and although they didn't know it at the time, these sessions marked the last time the Gypsy guitarist and the French violinist recorded together. This edition collects the best tracks from those final sessions, including versions of Hot Club standards like "Minor Swing," "Bricktop," and "Swing 42." Reinhardt and Grappelli don't try to recreate the raucous swing of their earlier collaborations, opting instead for an intriguing blend of romantic, almost classical melodic soloing and bebop-tinged harmonies and rhythms. The attempt doesn't always succeed, primarily because the three musicians on drums, bass, and piano are clearly out of their depth. But when the two masters click, as they do on "I Got Rhythm," they demonstrate an eagerness to explore the new musical possibilities offered by postwar jazz. Sadly Reinhardt died not long after he returned from Italy, so he and Grappelli were never able to continue their musical exploration, leaving the music on Djangology as a final farewell to one of the great partnerships in jazz.

1. Improvisation No. 1
2. Perfun
3. Tea for Two
4. Improvisation No. 2 (Master)
5. Improvisation No. 2 (Alternate Take)
6. Echoes of Spain
7. Naguine
8. Improvisation No. 3, Pt. 1
9. Improvisation No. 3, Pt. 2
10. Improvisation No. 6
11. Improvisation No. 7 (Take 2)
12. Improvisation 47 (Improvisation No.5)
13. Improvisation No. 4
14. Belleville
15. Nuages
16. Two Improvised Guitar Choruses
17. Melodie au Crepuscule / Manoir de Mes Reves
18. Manoir de Mes Reves (Version 2)
19. Two Each His Own / Symphonie
20. Djangology
21. Uptown Blues
22. Moten Swing
23. Don't Be That Way
24. Honeysuckle Rose
25. Ride Red Ride
26. Blues Riff
27. Honeysuckle Rose (Version 2)
28. Studio 24
29. I've Found a New Baby
30. Alabamy Bound
31. Pennies from Heaven
32. Tiger Rag
33. Eddie's Blues
34. I've Found a New Baby
35. Bill Coleman Blues
36. You Rascal You
37. It Had to Be You
38. Out of Nowhere
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