We Insist! Max Roach's Freedom Now Suite

Format: CD
Release Date: 1/1/1988 Original Release Date: 1960
Album Personnel: James Schenck (Acoustic Upright Bass), Coleman Hawkins (Tenor Saxophone), Walter Benton (Tenor Saxophone), Julian Priester (Trombone), Booker Little (Trumpet), Babatunde Olatunji (Congas), Abbey Lincoln (Vocals)
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Released on Candid Records in 1960, We Insist! is an astounding vocal-instrumental suite on civil rights themes. Incorporating avant-garde trends of the 1960s, including the use of a pianoless ensemble, screaming vocals on "Protest", and moments of collective improvisation. Max Roach collaborated with lyricist Oscar Brown Jr. and wrote songs that played variations on the theme of the struggle for African Americans to achieve equality in the United States.

1. Driva'Man
Length: 05:10
2. Freedom Day
Length: 06:02
3. Triptych: Prayer / Protest / Peace
Length: 07:58
4. All Africa
Length: 07:57
5. Tears for Johannesburg
Length: 09:36
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 36:43
UPC: 708857900220