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Release Date: 10/9/2020
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The excellent performances captured on Ghosts were recorded in May 2018 at the unique venue Kulturkirken Jakob in Oslo, also called The St. James Church of Culture. The album contains selections from the Norwegian trios five albums released since 2007, and as journalist Audun Vinger states in the liner notes: seamlessly blending into each other, like old friends meeting up at the end of the year, a bit more mature and perhaps also a bit weary, but still able to find the excitement of early beginnings through conversation. The sublime percussion of Jonas Howden Sjøvaag in tandem with the hungry fingers and drifting bow work from Sigurd Hole invites piano craftsman Andreas Ulvo to wring moments of pure power and elegance from his beautiful grand piano. Enjoy the ghosts of Eple Trio!

1. Electre
2. Chrome Hill
3. House
4. Curious Child
5. First Sun
6. First Monday in October
7. Sinking Ship
8. The Greatest Joy on Earth
9. River Song III
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