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Release Date: 5/17/2019
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This new release features ten brand new compositions from Danish pianist Heine Hansen, performed by the Heine Hansen trio which includes bassist Thomas Fonnesbaek and drummer Alex Riel. The group's previous album, Signature, received glowing reviews by fans and critics, and this release is sure to be no different. "There is a particularly powerful grace in Heine Hansen's way of playing the piano.(...) The album here is Hansen's receipt for the much deserved Ben Webster award and it shows the pianist as we know him, as one who expresses himself equally convincing in all mainstream jazz forms, and as someone for whom every note has it's clear role to play in the music's figure." (Peter H. Larsen)

1. Sweet Tomato
Length: 05:07
2. Bells
Length: 04:14
3. Meadow
Length: 04:19
4. Oculus
Length: 05:01
5. Figurine
Length: 05:23
6. Bufo Bufo
Length: 04:17
7. Impulses
Length: 01:31
8. Tension Waltz
Length: 04:44
9. Blues Man
Length: 04:40
10. Prime Time
Length: 04:25
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Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 43:41
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