Format: CD
Release Date: 5/17/2019
Album Personnel: Pelle von Bülow (Electric Guitar), Rune Fog-Nielsen (Acoustic Upright Bass), Rodney Green (Drums)
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This new release features eight songs from a team of young talents and experienced performers. Zier Romme is one of tomorrows Danish jazz stars. Behind the piano he celebrates legends like Oscar Peterson as he pays homage to the classics and puts a fresh spin on the genre. He is joined here by guitarist Pelle von Bulow, who is known for his subtle melodic playing and his ability to listen to his bandmates, bassist Rune Fog-Nielsen who is making a name for himself in several Danish quartets and trios, and drummer Rodney Green, a seasoned musician who lends his expertise to these young jazz stars.

1. New Girl
Length: 04:03
2. Tell Me A Bedtime Story
Length: 06:09
3. Empty Pockets
Length: 04:12
4. Tones for Joan's Bones
Length: 04:50
5. Noget om Helte (Something About Heroes)
Length: 04:32
6. Portrait of Jennie
Length: 03:13
7. Watch Your Step
Length: 01:51
8. Quietude
Length: 06:12
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 35:02
UPC: 717101431823