First & Foremost

Format: CD
Release Date: 5/17/2019
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This new album is a mix of classics and originals performed by the Erik Lundeqvist Trio, a Swedish trio with a passion for real swinging, improvisational music rooted in the jazz tradition with a modern touch. Based in Malmo, Sweden, the Sven Erik Lundeqvist Trio is Sven Erik Lundeqvist on piano, Simon Petersson on bass, and Olle Dernevik on percussion. The group is forward-thinking, aggressive, and in your face, but dont worry- you wont be pushed away. These three musicians know what they are doing and join one another in a fruitful and supportive cooperation. This is new Swedish jazz with heart, soul, and energy.

1. The More I See You
Length: 03:34
2. Softly as in a Morning Sunrise
Length: 05:39
3. A Lot of Living to Do
Length: 05:30
4. Cherokee
Length: 03:13
5. Round Midnight
Length: 05:16
6. Easy to Love
Length: 03:38
7. First and Foremost
Length: 06:40
8. In the Wee Small Hours
Length: 04:14
9. Lover
Length: 04:21
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 42:05
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