Songs - The Music of Allen Toussaint

Format: CD
Release Date: 4/19/2019
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New Orleans is a musical melting pot that has been cooking up music royalty for nearly over a century. The New Orleans Jazz Orchestra, now in it's seventeenth year, is dedicated to preserving the tradition of New Orleans music and culture while exploring the works of artists that might be considered slightly outside the realm of jazz. "Songs: The Music of Allen Toussaint" is the fourth studio recording by the Orchestra and the first under new music director Adonis Rose. Toussaint, one of New Orleans' most well-known composers, wrote the classic tunes "Java", "Electricity", "Southern Nights" and "Working In A Coal Mine" which all get fresh large ensemble interpretations on this new disc. Other tunes associated with Toussaint, but not necessarily written by him, such as the classic "Tequila", are also on the playlist. A raucous and swinging tribute to a true American music original performed by his home town ensemble.

1. Southern Nights
Length: 03:24
2. It's Raining
Length: 04:05
3. Working in the Coal Mine
Length: 05:44
4. Ruler of My Heart
Length: 05:44
5. Java
Length: 02:59
6. Gert Town
Length: 03:38
7. With You in Mind
Length: 05:30
8. Zimple Street
Length: 04:23
9. Tequila
Length: 05:31
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 40:58
UPC: 717101848126