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Release Date: 7/12/2019
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Philippe Cornaz: Sometimes, some self-evident facts take longer than others to come true. It is the case for this record. Our two musical personalities have a lot in common and complement one another naturally. Yet, it took almost 25 years after our first collaboration in the context of Drago-Roggs album Six for this joint project to come alive. We sought help from the percussionist Marta Dias at the cajon and from the bass player Yves Marguet. Upon playing the first note at the first rehearsal, the harmony and the pleasure of playing together were palpable. We wanted a pleasant, interesting and varied music which is the very definition of the cocktail we have chosen as the title of the album.. which, in this case, can be drunk shamelessly.

1. Cocktail
Length: 05:32
2. Sailor Man
Length: 06:28
3. Behind the Stars
Length: 05:48
4. Not Really Sure
Length: 05:33
5. Octopus
Length: 06:04
6. Petit matin
Length: 03:59
7. Almost Twelve
Length: 03:12
8. Snowflake
Length: 06:16
9. De là-bas
Length: 04:18
10. Wholly Earth
Length: 03:48
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Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 50:58
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