Mirror Butterfly: The Migrant Liberation Movement Suite

Format: CD
Release Date: 8/2/2019
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Get ready for revelation! Mirror Butterfly: The Migrant Liberation Movement Suite is an epic jazz opera spanning four continents and five centuries. The opera is a tribute to the resistance of migrants to the destruction of ecologies, economies, and cultures unleashed by slavery, conquest, and colonization- in short, a history of capitalism from the point of view of women warriors from Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America. A trinity of revolutionary women converge to tell stories of migration, singing a Sermon on the Mount to bring down Babylon. The plot of Mirror Butterfly is inspired by The Story of the Sword, a Mayan parable shared with us by the Zapatista autonomous schools. The story symbolizes the centuries-long Mayan resistance to the conquest and Indigenous genocide through avatars of a tree, a stone, and water. In their story, a sword (representing the conquest) cuts down a tree (Mayan society). The tree transforms into a rock, which is underground and still; but the sword hacks at it and shatters it, though not without damage. Finally, the stone transforms into water, which the sword is unable to resist. The sword rusts and withers away in this eternal elemental. The water symbolizes the flourishing grassroots-organizing of indigenous communities and their allies in contemporary Mexico. The lesson of the tale is that we shall live to see an indigenous-centric Mexico and, indeed, an entire world.

1. Enter the Mirrors
Length: 02:56
2. Interlude No. 1
Length: 00:59
3. Overture of the Mushroom
Length: 02:38
4. Overture of the Sword
Length: 05:44
5. Interlude No. 2
Length: 01:12
6. Mulberry Tree
Length: 02:52
7. Orchid Mantis
Length: 04:55
8. Mulberry Tree (Reprise)
Length: 01:51
9. Interlude No. 3
Length: 01:04
10. Attack of the Drone
Length: 02:26
11. The Workers' March
Length: 03:16
12. Stoneflower Requiem
Length: 04:47
13. The Four Mirrored Butterfly
Length: 07:37
14. The Sisters Unite
Length: 05:33
15. The Sword Dissolves
Length: 01:14
16. The Rising Sun
Length: 00:52
17. A Stone Against Time
Length: 00:49
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Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 50:45
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