Duke Ellington Orchestra

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Release Date: 1/17/2020
Label: Swrmusic
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This is a re-release of the Jazzhaus/SWR music bestseller 101703. Upon nearing the age of seventy, Duke Ellington was looked upon as the great historical figure of African American music, honored with academic degrees and appearing on the front pages of renowned magazines. Still, he had to and wanted to perform as much as he could and therefore toured the world with his orchestra, from Japan to North Africa to South America and Eastern Europe. During his travels, he was able to stop off in Stuttgart in March 1967 to present a colorful mixed programme made up of a few tried-and-true pieces and many lesser-known compositions. By Ellingtons standards, it was a modern concert, exuberant in mood and at times mischievous in arrangements, which allowed some shrill coloring. And it also showed that even an ultimately traditional jazz orchestra in the rocky sixties could develop enough charisma to enthrall an audience like that in the Liederhalle. The revolutions were now being made by others, but Duke Ellington remained the brilliant master of the grand musical gesture.

1. Take the "A" Train
Length: 00:55
2. Johnny Come Lately
Length: 03:34
3. Swamp Goo
Length: 04:51
4. Knob Hill
Length: 07:18
5. Eggo
Length: 06:12
6. La plus belle africaine
Length: 11:26
7. Rue bleue
Length: 03:10
8. A Chromatic Love Affair
Length: 04:21
9. Salome
Length: 03:57
10. The Shepherd
Length: 06:57
11. Tutti for Cootie
Length: 06:24
12. Freakish Lights
Length: 04:15
13. Kixx
Length: 10:24
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Total Length: 73:44
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