Format: CD
Release Date: 8/3/2018
Style(s): Post Bop, Third Stream
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This is an album of lyrical piano music written mostly by Tommy Kotter. It contains beautiful melodies in the tradition of jazz, classical and folk music. The season-poems (all composed in their corresponding season) are small classical piano compositions that are samplings of impressionistic piano writing. Most of the pieces are ballads and waltzes colored with "jazz and cocktails" and sometimes maybe you can hear inspiration from Erik Satie or other impressionistic composers. Composer and piano player Tommy Kotter likes to work with rare rhythms and mixes influences from many sources. The melodies are often played quietly but intensity increases gradually. The piano solos have ardor and devotion. He regularly performs with his septet, Tommy Kotter Unit.

1. Visa vid midsommartid (Arr. for Piano)
Length: 03:11
2. Summerpoem
Length: 02:33
3. La mer (Arr. for Piano)
Length: 07:15
4. Heartland
Length: 02:36
5. Speldosan
Length: 04:03
6. Autumnpoem
Length: 02:38
7. Skyddsängel
Length: 06:28
8. Ljuset från Krubban
Length: 03:08
9. Winterpoem
Length: 06:06
10. Tulpaner från Amsterdam (Arr. for Piano)
Length: 04:06
11. Springpoem
Length: 03:42
12. Cherry Blossom
Length: 07:52
13. Mori Song (Haru ga Kita)
Length: 04:30
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Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 58:08
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