Format: CD
Release Date: 8/14/2020
Label: Ropeadope
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Heralded by the iconic Quincy Jones as 'an absolutely beautiful human being and an artist who knows how to play from his soul, ' Greg Spero is the leader of the rhythmically-charged quartet Spirit Fingers. The band features bassist Max Gerl, Dallas drum prodigy Mike Mitchell (Blaque Dynamite) and Italian guitarist Dario Chiazzolino. Their riveting 2018 debut, co-produced by Makaya McCraven, was met with fan love and critical acclaim. Mentored by the great Herbie Hancock, Greg Spero eagerly absorbs the history of Jazz and beyond with the utmost respect for the elders and both eyes firmly fixed on new creation in the present. Touring as pianist for pop singer Halsey gave him the range of experience and confidence on any stage. With his Spirit Fingers bandmates, Greg builds the foundation in Jazz fusion and groove and takes off into pop and Hip-Hop exploration. Greg Spero: Piano Dario Chiazzolino: Guitar Max Gerl: Bass Mike Mitchell: Drums Special guests: Braxton Cook (track 2) Judi Jackson (tracks 4, 5, 11, 12) Bubby Lewis (track 7) Greg Ward (track 8) Jonathan Scales (track 10)

1. Nails
Length: 03:43
2. Spirit Food
Length: 04:00
3. Kalashnikov
Length: 06:18
4. Goodbye
Length: 05:08
5. London Blues
Length: 03:00
6. Earthbound
Length: 06:35
7. Nolo (Yeslo)
Length: 01:16
8. Cokes with Gregs
Length: 04:23
9. Cross Twine
Length: 07:00
10. Lamella
Length: 04:21
11. I'll Be Around
Length: 06:10
12. Lest We Forget
Length: 04:45
13. Saltwater
Length: 03:57
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 60:36
UPC: 748926813914