Loading Screen

Format: CD
Release Date: 8/2/2019
Label: Outside In
Availability: Backorder

Loading Screen sees the up-and-coming ensemble Echoes blend modern chamber music and futuristic electronic sounds in a profoundly unique way. The album features a variety of electronic instruments and intricate digital loops, and draws inspiration from London drum and bass tracks, West African drum circles, and even Los Angeles dream pop. From high-energy electronic grooves (Tardy Party) to serene ballads (Unconditional), Loading Screen showcases dynamic songwriting and thoughtful textures

1. Loading Screen
Length: 04:39
2. Tardy Party
Length: 04:42
3. Agbeke
Length: 02:07
4. Give
Length: 04:21
5. Theresa
Length: 07:49
6. The Maze
Length: 03:30
7. Drain
Length: 03:06
8. Milo
Length: 04:17
9. Yeela
Length: 02:49
10. Unconditional
Length: 03:28
11. Real Talk
Length: 03:05
12. Closing Credits
Length: 05:00
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 48:53
UPC: 755491133163