Format: CD
Release Date: 3/6/2020
Label: Outside In
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A bassist equally comfortable backing up vocalist Kurt Elling as he is occasionally performing alongside some of Chicago’s avant crowd and helming his groovier ensemble Lens, Clark Sommers coats post-bop with a veneer of 21st-century exceptionalism and adventure on PeninsulaDownBeat Magazine


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1. High Tide
Length: 07:21
2. Morning Bell
Length: 07:42
3. Goes Around
Length: 06:54
4. The Forgotten
Length: 08:00
5. Maybe Never
Length: 05:54
6. Hope Dance
Length: 07:41
7. Disambiguation
Length: 05:49
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 49:21
UPC: 755491154953