Electric Blue

Format: CD
Release Date: 9/18/2020
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Mark Egan and Danny Gottlieb, long time band mates and highly acclaimed rhythm section team, have released a Duo recording, Electric Blue. Drawing from their 49 years of playing experience with such luminaries as Pat Metheny, Sting, Gil Evans, John McGlaughlin, Pat Martino, Larry Coryell and many more, Danny and Mark have created a platform to explore and document their highly creative interplay and improvisational stylings within the universe of drums and bass. Listeners of Contemporary Jazz, Ambient Music, Prog Rock, Fusion and Jam Bands will feel at home with this dynamic recording.

1. Back and Forth
Length: 04:24
2. Cabarete
Length: 04:55
3. Down the Road
Length: 04:10
4. Electric Blue
Length: 06:42
5. Come What May
Length: 07:53
6. Blue Sound Bath
Length: 07:02
7. Hookey
Length: 02:11
8. Offering
Length: 10:17
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 47:34
UPC: 755603865524