When It All Comes Crashing Down

Format: CD
Release Date: 1/8/2021
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Award-winning composer/trumpeter Tony Glausi continues to inspire the music world with his fifth album and it's original compositions, masterful arrangements, and exquisite trumpet playing. For the first time, to his listeners' delight, Tony delivers sincere and alluring vocals, adding yet another enthralling element and providing his audience with the sensation that they are witnessing a musical take place throughout the streets of New York City. When It All Comes Crashing Down is endlessly intriguing with a line-up of tracks both buoyant and wistful that showcase Tony's talent alongside his pursuit to translate the human experience into music. All produced by Tony Glausi and recorded by Grammy-winning Nolan Thies at The Bunker Studio in Brooklyn, NY, When It All Comes Crashing Down features young New York heavyweights Emmet Cohen (piano), Dan Chmielinski (bass), Bryan Carter (drums), and Lucas Pino (saxophone).

1. Once Upon a Dream
2. When It All Comes Crashing Down
3. Alone in the Rain
4. Finding My Way Out of the Maze
5. To Pray
6. End of An Era
7. Pretty Ladies
8. Hasta la Madrugada
9. I've Been Waiting
10. Stardust
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Total Length: 00:00
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