141 Layers of Ikigai

Format: CD
Release Date: 9/6/2019
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When I started 141 Layers of Ikigai I was not only determined to make this my best album to date but I also knew the specifics of how that was to come to fruition. The process was not smooth but it was revealing and took much more effort than any past work of mine. It was necessary for me to stop/start and re-record different things to achieve the sound I had in my head and the feeling I have in my soul. In the end I'm content that the arrangements, grooves, tones of every instrument, keyboard textures and my guitar work were taken to a higher level. This album would NOT be whatever it is without the great musicality from all who played on it. - Aaron Lebos

1. Phoenix
2. Viking Funeral
3. Goldrush
4. Middle of the Road
5. Jack Butler
6. Always with Me
7. Blood Money
8. 141
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