Musical Monsters

Format: CD
Release Date: 8/15/2016
Album Personnel: John Tchicai (Alto Saxophone), Irène Schweizer (Piano), Léon Francioli (Acoustic Upright Bass), Pierre Favre (Drums)
Style(s): Free
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This previously unreleased concert recording from 1980 presents a special confluence in the development of free jazz as a wholly international language, with trumpeter Don Cherry and his personal evolution at the centre of the music.


The themes, composed by John Tchicai and Danish guitarist Pierre Dørge, serve essentially as brief launching points for long, loose forays. Musical Monsters 1 begins as a joyous traffic jam, trumpet and saxophone sounding like car horns; 2 covers tremendous ground, moving in and out of free time and layered ostinatos that inspire literal chanting from Tchicai. Whether it’s coiling sinuously or exploring raw, unfettered sound, this is music from the vaults that breathes and pulses with fresh life. – The Whole Note (Stuart Broomer)

1. Musical Monsters 1
Length: 12:47
2. Musical Monsters 2
Length: 22:40
3. Musical Monsters 3
Length: 17:05
4. Musical Monsters 4
Length: 59:28
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 112:00
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