Format: CD
Release Date: 11/11/2016
Album Personnel: Peter Evans (Trumpet), Miya Masaoka (Koto), Craig Taborn (Piano), Sam Pluta (Electronics), Dan Peck (Tuba), Tyshawn Sorey (Drums)
Style(s): Free
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After relocating to Brooklyn in 2008 Ingrid Laubrock soon became a creative epicenter in the New York jazz scene, and is now one of the most significant voices in contemporary jazz. The new album ‘Serpentines’ fits in Laubrock’s musical cosmos, in which improvisational furore and compositional rigor, calculation and freedom, are intermingled. Laubrock grounded this formation with the unusual line-up having been given a carte blanche for the 2015 Vision Festival. Florian Keller writes in the liner notes: “If we take the title’s suggestion and use snake paths as graphs for the movement of this music, various distinctive characteristics can be determined. Via the crafty compositional and improvisational about-turns, the music spirals upwards, peaking in airy flights. Changes of direction, and rhythmic, melodic turning points drive the music on, and release dramatic potential.”

1. Pothole Analytics, Pt. 1
Length: 04:44
2. Pothole Analytics, Pt. 2
Length: 05:42
3. Chip in Brain
Length: 12:31
4. Squirrels
Length: 15:15
5. Serpentines
Length: 15:20
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 53:32
UPC: 7640120192723