Even Better

Format: CD
Release Date: 10/18/2019
Album Personnel: Tim Berne (Alto Saxophone), Mary Halvorson (Electric Guitar)
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If the collaborative endeavor Thumbscrew wasn’t enough to demonstrate the way bassist Michael Formanek and guitarist Mary Halvorson excel in each other’s company, Even Better is further proof. Formanek’s career has been stippled with stints heading his own troupes, and for this latest trio, in addition to Halvorson, he’s tapped exploratory reedist Tim Berne to join in. Each player here’s known for bounding experimentation, and while Berne’s in the spotlight a bit less than Halvorson, closer “Jade Visions” is a gorgeous excursion headed by the saxophonist’s register hopping. - DownBeat Magazine


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1. Suckerpunch
Length: 05:52
2. Like Statues
Length: 07:01
3. Still Here
Length: 09:54
4. Implausible Deniability
Length: 08:23
5. Shattered
Length: 04:45
6. The Shifter
Length: 03:52
7. Apple and Snake
Length: 05:23
8. But Will It Float
Length: 04:39
9. Bomb the Cactus
Length: 02:16
10. Jade Visions
Length: 04:10
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 56:15
UPC: 7640120193355