Speak Low

Format: CD
Release Date: 9/1/2016
Style(s): Vocal
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Remember the name Lucia Cadotsch – you’re going to be hearing a lot of it. Cadotsch is a young, Zurich-born vocalist who possesses a classical clarity, a folk singer’s simplicity, and an appetite for performing very famous songs (Moon River, Don’t Explain, Strange Fruit) in the company of two edgy free-jazz instrumentalists, who flank her sedate progress with split-note sax sounds and spiky basslines and percussive strumming. That might sound like a merciless deconstruction of fine songs, but in this compelling trio’s hands the process is remarkably melodious and illuminating. Speak Low is delivered with phlegmatic gentleness as saxophonist Otis Sandsjö’s looping ostinato gets increasingly windy and raw, and Strange Fruit is stalked by multiphonic sax growls and swiped, twanging bass chords. Cadotsch is as light-stepping and dolefully swinging as Madeleine Peyroux on Some Other Spring; low-key on Moon River, as if the very thought of the rainbow’s end is wearisome. It’s all eerily beautiful. - The Guardian

1. Slow Hot Wind
Length: 04:42
2. Speak Low
Length: 05:18
3. Strange Fruit
Length: 07:01
4. Ain't Got No, I Got Life
Length: 04:28
5. Don't Explain
Length: 04:26
6. Deep Song
Length: 03:59
7. Some Other Spring
Length: 03:17
8. Willow Weep for Me
Length: 04:43
9. Gloomy Sunday
Length: 04:49
10. Moon River
Length: 03:06
Album Details
Disc Count: 1
Total Length: 45:49
UPC: 767522776126