Where We Go

Format: CD
Release Date: 12/13/2019
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Rebecca Trescher writes: The album Where We Go presents my work of the last two years. All compositions were written during the Ensemble 11 concert series at the Tafelhalle Nuremberg, which started in 2017 and is about to be continued. Being able to regularly perform my music, test new ideas and develop my own sound in this venue is a wonderful thing. So far, it has been a very intense time for me as a composer and bandleader that has allowed me to explore and trespass different kinds of boundaries. In 13 concerts I have had the pleasure to work with various guest artists musicians, dancers, writers and filmmakers. Thanks to the regular concert activity I composed an enormous amount of music in that stretch of time, leaving me with the challenge to come up with a programme that would fit the format of an album. We ended up recording more than 80 minutes of music in the studio within three days. I felt that this was too much to put into one album as, dramaturgically speaking, I didnt want to overdo things. Therefore, I decided to publish seven pieces on album and three more as a digital-only release. Three videos for which I have teamed up with documentary filmmaker Moritz Mueller-Preisser will also be digitally published. Collaborating with artists from different disciplines has been a great pleasure for me for some time now and has more than once provided me with a fresh perspective on my own artistic work.

1. Spiral
Length: 12:27
2. Anflug
Length: 08:35
3. Movement
Length: 07:15
4. Danach
Length: 09:03
5. Green Day
Length: 09:03
6. The Lonely Ride
Length: 10:24
7. Where We Go
Length: 06:14
8. Elements
Length: 08:18
9. Illusions
Length: 04:15
10. Abendlicht
Length: 07:59
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Total Length: 83:33
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